Volume 17:2


The Use and Abuse of Power in Retail Supply Chains
Steve Apted

The Kingdom, the Power and the Glory
Cal Bailey

Rethinking family businesses through a Christian perspective
Allan Discua Cruz

Having their cake and eating it?
Phil Jump

The Future is Clean: The Sixth Industrial Revolution
Peter Heslam


Sir Frederick Catherwood, 1925-2014
James Allcock


Faith in Business Conference on Business for the Kingdom: Leadership, Enterprise & Integrity
Richard Higginson


Woodbine Willie
Industrial Christian Fellowship


Fruitfulness on the Front Line
Mark Greene




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In this issue...

.. we offer a variety of topical articles, all written to inform, stimulate and lead us into a deeper Christian perspective on the contemporary business scene. The use and abuse of power in retail supply chains has featured prominently in the news of late. Steve Apted brings an experienced eye to bear on this important issue and points to some positive developments in and amongst the problem areas. Family firms are the heartbeat of the global economy, but seldom receive the attention they deserve. Business lecturer Allan Discua Cruz remedies this with a thoughtful, well-rounded article. Cal Bailey, who works for a family firm, also reflects on this and other themes in a theologically rich piece based on a talk he gave at the spring Faith in Business conference - an event on which Richard Higginson gives a brief report. Our regular contributors Phil Jump and Peter Heslam weigh in with punchy pieces. Phil points out the serious implications for relating faith to work which emanate from the recent court judgment about Ashers cakemakers. Peter uses the flight of Solar Impulse to reflect on the latest industrial revolution and evaluate the ones that went before it. Former editor Sally Orwin Lee writes a positive review of Mark Greene's Fruitfulness on the Front Line, a book/DVD combination which is having a considerable impact on churches throughout the country. John Weaver offers a review of the new film about Woodbine Willie, alias Geoffrey Studdert-Kennedy, the World War One chaplain who went on to serve ICF with such distinction. Sir Fred Catherwood, who died last November, did much to inspire his generation of Christian businesspeople. So it's only appropriate that we include a tribute from one of that generation, James Allcock, who explains the extraordinary influence he had. We are always pleased when FiBQ articles stimulate debate. So if there's anything that prompts you to write, whether agreeing or disagreeing, modifying or building on authors' insights, please email one of the editors with your comments. We'd be glad to revive the practice of a letters page!

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