Volume 11:4

Wholeness at Work
A Conference at Ridley Hall
Richard Higginson
Personal Integrity and Integration:
A Moral Matter

Richard Higginson
Personal Integration and Integrity:
A Spiritual Matter

Jane Keiller
Emerging Generation:
Mend the Gap

Brian Draper
Globalisation and Wholeness:
Symphony or Cacophony?

Jyoti Banerjee
Making Companies Whole:
Being Comfortably Out of Control

Tim Harle
Making Companies Whole:
the Tricordant Approach

Alastair Mitchell-Baker
Economics without usury
Ian Yearsley


Breaking the Mould of Christendom:Kingdom Community, Diaconal Church and the Liberation of the Laity
David Clark


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From time to time we devote our edition of Faith in Business Quarterly to a theme or single subject. Such is the case this time, where we showcase the talks given at a recent conference held at Ridley Hall on the theme of Wholeness at Work. Indeed it is the lack of Wholeness in business and the workplace more generally which provides the launch pad for the discussions of the speakers. The benefit for you as reader is to receive some of the depth and breadth of the subject, rather than just a more perfunctory resumé that these conferences sometimes command in these pages. Necessarily, the style perhaps is somewhat different to an article written directly for publication. The style here is more conversational and discursive. Our concern, as always, is to provide a clear line from where arguments are supported, and this too we have made every effort to do. Richard Higginson, organiser, leader, and first speaker, introduces the conference in a special two page article.

In addition, we are pleased to present Ian Yearsley’s own story and experiences with Islamic banking. In attempting to find a place for his money which seems to offer greater moral and spiritual integrity, he is led to open an account with an Islamic bank here in the UK. Ian offers insights into an alternative approach to banking, and one which, whilst no means perfect, provides food for Christian thought.

On this occasion we only have room for one book review. Malcolm Brown discusses a recent book by David Clark, and finds that, whilst there are good ideas here, the book suffers overall by coming out of the author’s own frustration.

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