Volume 12:3

When you see it like this you're never the same:
A revolutionary understanding of work

Geoff Shattock
"Thy Kingdom Come":
thoughts from an
equestrian establishment

Noël Lovatt
Extreme Listening
Claire Pedrick
Redundancy -
A Personal Reflection

Justin Manley-Cooper
Magnanimity and Magnificence:
Entrepreneurial Responses to the Economic Crisis

Peter S Heslam


Faiths in London�s Economy (FiLE) Shared faiths response to the credit crunch
Jonathan Evens
Governance Matters: A Relationship Model� of Governance, Leadership and Management
Richard Bull


Spiritual Enterprise: Doing Virtuous Business
T R Malloch
Transfiguring Capitalism: An Enquiry into Religious and Global Change
John Atherton





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In this issue we begin with an unusual and compelling article on work by Geoff Shattock who interestingly takes the Seven Words from the Cross as his starting point in order to explore the connections between work, suffering and stress. This is followed by Rick Goossen's review of Ted Malloch's book, Spiritual Enterprise: Doing Virtuous Business applying ethical and spiritual values to the marketplace. We then have a fascinating article by Noël Lovatt on practical and spiritual aspects of equestrianism and the part horses play in God's ultimate plan for His creation.

The economic crisis features in several articles, beginning with a statement written by Jonathan Evens on behalf of Faiths in London's Economy (FiLE). This arose out of a multi-faith seminar held last October at St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace in the City. Claire Pedrick writes about extreme listening which had its origins as a CABE Network Paper. She stresses the need to listen attentively to people as well as to God. We have published John Davis' letter because of his important criticism of the current practices of banks and financial institutions.
Next we have a review by Stuart Weir of John Atherton's latest book, Transfiguring Capitalism: An Enquiry into Religious and Global Change. The economic crisis has resulted in an increase in redundancies and so we are grateful to Justin Manley-Cooper for his moving account of being made redundant. He rightly challenges the churches to be prepared for the vital pastoral ministry to people who have lost their jobs.

All kinds of institutions spend considerable time and energy discussing governance. They would certainly profit from reading Governance Matters written by Les Stahlke with Jennifer Loughlin, and reviewed here by Richard Bull. Finally, we have an article from Peter Heslam, one of our regular contributors. Writing from an entrepreneurial perspective he commends thrift, magnanimity and magnificence as positive routes out of the current crisis.

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