Volume 13:4


Pay, Poverty, Inequality: How can Christian teaching inform response?
Chris Stevens
Design Thinking:
The Missing Link from Theology to Business Practice?

Michael Hodson
Savings on a Passage to India: From Debt to Equity in a Subprime World
Peter Heslam


The Storm, by Vince Cable; Who Runs Britain? by Robert Peston; Fool's Gold, by Gillian Tett.
Peter Warburton


Richard Higginson interviews Brian Griffiths


The Selfish Capitalist: Origins of Affluenza
Oliver James
Bridgebuilders Workplace Chaplaincy: A History.
Malcolm Torry
Priest in Deep Water: Charles Plomer Hopkins and the 1911 Seamen�s Strike
R.W.H. Miller



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In this issue, we begin with Chris Stephens� Hugh Kay Memorial lecture on Pay, Poverty, Inequality. As the Chairman of Traidcraft he has had the serious ethical dilemmas of sitting on award committees where the top pay award varied from �750k to �240k to an average of �35k. He came away �comfortable� with each decision but preparing for the lecture made him increasingly uncomfortable. We follow his thinking as he explores the challenges from a Christian perspective, and at the end wonder whether next year his contributions to the pay award processes will be rather different.

Richard Higginson interviews Lord Brian Griffiths, long a champion of Christian wealth creation, who reveals some surprising attitudes he has found among young Christian bankers in the aftermath of the financial crisis. Bankers� bonuses, the lessons of the crisis, and the social goals of banking are all explored honestly and in depth.

Eve Poole reviews for us the sequel to Oliver James� book Affluenza, and concludes that the Christian approach to management is the cure for this disease.

Michael Hodson, the chair of FiBQ�s steering committee suggests a new approach in relating theology to business practice by borrowing the techniques of Design Thinking, where a large number of scenarios are possible, and the designer starts with a vision, examines many solutions, tests and reiterates them, finally selecting and implementing them.

Two books on Industrial chaplaincy are reviewed by Chris Savage and Malcolm Torry, one a valuable and comprehensive history of the movement and the other a fascinating account of one individual chaplain, who sided with the workers but was not popular with the established church - perhaps a familiar theme.

Peter Warburton reviews three popular books on the financial crisis and draws attention to the fact that a complete change of heart is required, for which the gospel of Jesus Christ is essential.

Peter Heslam discusses microfinance with some surprising revelations about the arrival of loan sharks in this field, and the suggestion that the poor need savings more than loans. Peter refers to his new Grove Booklet Transforming Capitalism, which brings together his ideas about the nature of contemporary capitalism, entrepreneurship and thrift which readers will be familiar with from his regular contributions to this journal. We do not usually include other literature with FiBQ, but are happy to make an exception on this occasion. It does not mean that the editors necessarily agree with every word said!

Finally, David Driscoll retires as an Editor, and wishes us Farewell and Fare Forward.

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