Volume 14:2


Enterprise Solutions to Poverty: Reflections on Experience in Kenya
Allan Bussard
The Couch or the Cross? Some thoughts on the Psychology of being a Christian at Work
Sally Orwin
Personal finances? Shedding light on economic gloom
Rodney Green
Responding to Earthquakes: Cooperatives in Chile
Richard Higginson
Spiritual Check: The Economics of Good and Evil
Peter Heslam


Sally Orwin interviews Derrick Watson


Transformational Business Network 2011 National Conference


The Two Pillars of the Market: A Paradigm for Dialogue between Theology and Economics
Jean Lee
In His Image: Understanding and embracing the Poor
Andy Matheson
Make Corruption History
Daryl Balia




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In this issue we open with a hard-hitting article on the reality of wealth creation through business in the developing world. �Allan Bussard, who manages the Integra Fund with a vision to promote sustainable business solutions to poverty, tells a story of corruption, fraud and exploitation but is ultimately hopeful in considering a faithful response to failure and disappointment.

Sally Orwin interviews Derrick Watson, director of specialist financial recruitment company Watson Moore. �Derrick speaks candidly of how his faith compels him to deliver a counter-cultural but fruitful �no leads� approach.

Eve Poole considers the challenges of how theology can impact the world of economics in her review of Jean Lee�s The Two Pillars of the Market. �Martin Clark reviews Andy Matheson�s recent book In His Image: Understanding and embracing the Poor as a �conversation between theology and practice�. �Martin comes away refreshed by the impact of Matheson�s central insight that the only valid starting-point for engagement with the poor is to acknowledge their creation in the image of God. �

David Murray welcomes Daryl Balia�s Make Corruption History as filling a gap in a little-populated area of the anti-corruption literature with some reservations about whether Balia�s search for a comprehensive theoretical definition of corruption is to chase after an illusion.

In her article �The Couch or the Cross?� Sally Orwin explores the interplay between psychology and theology in contemporary approaches to discipleship in the workplace. �Sally focuses on the acceptance of grace amid the influence of psychological techniques on human flourishing in the workplace.

Rodney Green considers personal debt in his article �Shedding light on economic gloom.�� Rodney brings the wisdom of John the Bapist to bear upon this crucial aspect of the Christian life, focusing on generosity, restraint and contentment.

Richard Higginson reflects on his recent experiences visiting fair trade coooperatives in Chile. Richard offers a theological reflection on finding hope in the midst of the suffering which results from natural disaster, in this case the impact of frequent earthquakes on the lives of wine and honey producers.

Following a report by Harrison Brown on the recent conference of the Transformational Business Network, we finish with Peter Heslam�s article on the Czech Republic.� Peter highlights the work of the young economist Tom� Sedl�cek. � His book Economics of Good and Evil is taking the global media by storm as he challenges �the tendency of economics to apply its worldview to spiritual realities while dismissing as illegitimate any applications in the opposite direction.�

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