Volume 15:2


God�s Heart for Fashion: Identifying Calling and Using Gifts in the Workplace
Simon Ward
Learning to put Faith into Business
Ranjeet Guptara
A Journey from Faith to Work: Green shoots in Malaysia
Mark Lovatt
Losing my Religion: The role of doubt and failure in business transformation
Mike Clargo
Biblical Counselling with CCEF
Sally Orwin
Biblical Kingship: Model for Contemporary Business Leaders
Michael E. Cafferky
Business as Blessing
Peter Heslam and Eric Wood


Business for the Common Good: A Christian Vision for the Marketplace
Kenman L. Wong
and Scott B. Rae

Ten at Work: Living the commandments
in your job

John Parmiter


Ken Adams
Clive Wright




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In this issue we have a strong theme that runs through most of the articles: Personal Story. Readers may have noticed that some issues of FiBQ have a common theme and others do not. Where there is an underlying theme, this is usually our deliberate intent as editors, but in this case it emerged simply in response to articles that authors submitted. We hope that the stories you read here will interest, entertain and stimulate you, and perhaps lead you to reflect more deeply on your own working experience as you compare and contrast what God has done in your life. Simon Ward, writing up a talk first given at CABE, tells how God led him unexpectedly into the world of fashion. He puts forward a ten-point plan for fashion and in conversation with the Bible explores what it means to be a (non-ordained) priest in the workplace. Ranjeet Guptara describes his roller-coaster experience in developing a curry restaurant in Switzerland. Discover from him why Toblerone can make an excellent evangelistic Christmas gift! Mark Lovatt reflects on his last four years working in Malaysia and reports on some encouraging �faith and work� initiatives. Finally Mike Clargo is ruthlessly honest with himself as he tells how even the best-laid, God-given business plans (such as his project for transforming the effectiveness of business meetings) can founder if we neglect our personal walk with God. What unites all these stories is that none of the authors had a smooth ride. There were unexpected twists and turns; they encountered disappointments, obstacles and failures. But through these as much as the successes, �all things worked together for good� in God�s purpose � richly demonstrating the relevance of faith in business. In our other major article, Michael Cafferky looks at the biblical matter on kingship and applies it helpfully to business leadership. Phil Jump adds a topical comment on the Olympics, while Peter Heslam and Eric Wood illustrate the theme of �business as blessing� with reference to an inspiring enterprise in contemporary China. Clive Wright writes a moving tribute to Kenneth Adams, who died recently. We include two reviews of important books, Kenman Wong and Scott Rae�s Business for the Common Good (reviewed by Michael Hodson) and John Parmiter�s Ten at Work (reviewed by Sally Orwin). Sally also reports on a biblical counselling course with workplace application. We hope you enjoy this issue and as ever will be very pleased to hear from you.

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