Volume 16:1


Diversity and Equality in the Workplace
Andrew Drury

You�re Fired!
Phil Jump

Moral Dilemmas in Financial Services: The Challenge for the City
James Featherby

Practical Wisdom in Business: a Faith-Based Approach
Christoph Weber-Berg

Justin Welby: Archbishop for Financial Times
Peter Heslam and Ranjeet Guptara


Richard Higginson interviews Alan Walton


What does Love have to do with Leadership?
Mary Miller

Progressive Capitalism
David Sainsbury

Decoding Mammon
Peter Dominy


Dilemmas in Business conference
Richard Higginson

Welby, Work and Wonga




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In this issue we continue our series of interviews with Christian businesspeople. Alan Walton reflects on a career in accountancy, in which the Millennium Dome, office putting competitions and the Deloitte Christian fellowship all featured significantly. He�s now finding plenty of scope to use his talents in semi-retirement.

Andrew Drury tackles the highly topical issue of diversity and equality in the workplace. He discusses recent cases where Christians feel they have been the targets of discrimination, but urges Christians to address this area positively and speak up for others who need support and affirmation.

A brief report on the April 2014 conference at Ridley on Dilemmas in Business and a report on Welby, Work and Wonga are followed by James Featherby�s talk on the major challenges facing the financial services sector. He believes the City�s real problem is spiritual and � from a position of love for those who work there � calls for a revolution in understanding concerning purpose and structure.

The essence of business also comes under the spotlight in two shorter pieces. Phil Jump takes a tilt at The Apprentice, arguing that � whatever its entertainment value � the series portrays a misleading and unhelpful view of business. Christoph Weber-Berg, writing in the Transforming Business slot, argues that the freedom received by grace through justification provides the proper orientation for business practice.

We include reviews of three very different books. Terry Garde fimds himself persuaded by Mary Miller�s argument that love has plenty to do with leadership. David Parish explores the latest of several recent attempts to reposition capitalism, David Sainsbury�s Progressive Capitalism. Ranjeet Guptara appraises Peter Dominy�s largely negative account of the phenomenon of money.

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